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If you want to improve the air quality of your home or commercial property, all you need to hire an expert who can provide proper care and maintain the efficiency of your AC. There are different types of air conditioning systems available, and only an expert with thorough latest technology knowledge can deal with all models efficiently. At MKazza Air, we are upgraded with the latest technology and our experts know how to maintain your AC, irrespective of what model it is.With our preventative maintenance inspections, our professionals recognize any issue and solve them with the most effective method of repairs. You should always schedule an air conditioning maintenance service before the summer arrives so that you can rest assured your AC is in the best condition.

AC Maintenance Service
AC Maintenance Service
The parts to be inspected during a professional maintenance visit
There are a few parts that must be inspected during a maintenance visit. They are –

  • Filter
    Timely filter replacements are a crucial part of an air conditioner maintenance service. The dirty or clogged filters can affect the efficiency of the system and reduce indoor air quality. At MKazza Air, we also take a look at the outside portion of your unit and remove any debris out of its way.
  • Evaporator coil
    When it comes to keeping your home or building cool, the role of a fully functioning evaporator coil is undeniable. Our certified technicians clean and wipe any excess moisture off of the coil to ensure that it does not freeze.
  • Electric control sequence
    The electric control sequences are also examined thoroughly to ensure that they are set properly.

Apart from the above, during a maintenance visit, we replace your damaged belts, oil the AC motor, and examine all other working components to make sure that your AC is in the best performing condition. We also ensure your thermostat is doing its job correctly.

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